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August 2018

      pdfAugust 2018 Agape Part A

      pdfAugust 2018 Agape Part B

      pdfWorship Assistants Calendar August 2018

      pdfZion Events Calendar August 2018


July 2018

      pdfAgape July 2018 Part A

      pdfAgape July 2018 Part B

      pdfWorship Assistants Calendar July 2018

      pdfZion Events Calendar July 2018

June 2018

      pdfAgape June 2018 Part A

      pdfAgape June 2018 Part B

      pdfWorship Assistants Calendar June 2018

      pdfZion Events Calendar June 2018


May 2018

      pdfAgape Cover (with upcoming events)

      pdfPastor's Corner

      pdfFrom the Vicar


      pdfCouncil Minutes (May 2018)

      pdfCapital Improvement Campaign Update

    Ministry Teams

      pdfEvangelism & Membership


      pdfWorship & Music

     From the Office

      pdfMay Assistants Calendar

      pdfMay Events Calendar

      pdfOther Things of Interest

      pdfWish List (as of January 2018)



April 2018

      pdfAgape Cover (with upcoming events)

      pdfPastor's Corner

      pdfFrom the Vicar



        pdfPresident's Report

        pdfCouncil Minutes (Jan.-Feb.)

    Ministry Teams

        pdfEvangelism & Membership

        pdfFaith Formation


        pdfWorship & Music


     From the Office

        pdfApril Calendar

        pdfZion's Wish List (updated 01-11-2018)


March 2018

     pdfMarch Agape Cover 

     pdfPastor's Corner

     pdfFrom the Vicar



          pdfPresident-CIC Update-Council


     Ministry Teams

          pdfEvangelism & Membership

          pdfFaith Formation


          pdfWorship & Music


     pdfFrom the Office


          pdfMarch Worship Assistants

          pdfZion's March Calendar


     pdfZion's Wish List (updated 01-11-2018)


February 2018

                pdfAgape February 2018 Part A.pdf3.8 MB

                pdfAgape February 2018 Part B.pdf3.65 MB  


January 2018

                pdfAgape January 2018 Part A.pdf3.15 MB

                pdfAgape January 2018 Part B.pdf4.59 MB   

                pdfAgape January 2018 Part C.pdf1.48 MB 


December, 2017:

                  pdfAgape December 2017 Part A4.67 MB

                 pdfAgape December 2017 Part B4.79 MB              


November, 2017:

             pdfAgape November 2017 Part a.pdf

             pdfAgape November 2017 Part b.pdf

October, 2017:

            pdfAgape October 2017 Part A.PDF

            pdfAgape October 2017 Part B.PDF

September, 2017:

           pdfAgape September 2017 Part A.PDF

           pdfAgape September 2017 Part B.PDF

August, 2017:

           pdfAgape August 2017 Part A.PDF

           pdfAgape August 2017 Part B.PDF

           pdfAgape August 2017 Part C.PDF

July, 2017:

           pdfAgape July 2017 Part A.PDF

           pdfAgape July 2017 Part B.PDF


June, 2017:

pdfAgape June 2017 Part A.pdf

pdfAgape June 2017 Part B.pdf

pdfAgape June 2017 Part C.pdf

May, 2017:

            pdfAgape May 2017 Part A.pdf

            pdfAgape May 2017 Part B.pdf

April, 2017:

           pdfAgape April 2017 Part A.pdf3.53 MB

           pdfAgape April 2017 Part B.pdf3.14 MB

March, 2017:

            pdfAgape March 2017 Part A4.56 MB

             pdfAgape March 2017 Part B4.85 MB


February, 2017:

            pdfAgape February 2017 Part A3.36 MB

            pdfAgape February 2017 Part B3.17 MB

January, 2017:

            pdfAgape January 2017 Part A3.21 MB

            pdfAgape January 2017 Part B3.02 MB

December, 2016:

            pdfAgape December 2016 Part A4.34 MB

            pdfAgape December 2016 Part B4.24 MB

November, 2016:

              pdfAgape November 2016 Part A3.33 MB

               pdfAgape November 2016 Part B3.4 MB 

October, 2016:

              pdfAgape October 2016 Part A2.9 MB

              pdfAgape October 2016 Part B2.85 MB

September, 2016:

                 pdfAgape September 2016 Part A3.84 MB

                   pdfAgape September 2016 Part B3.43 MB  

August, 2016:  

               pdfAgape August 2016 Part A3.44 MB

                  pdfAgape August 2016 Part B2.8 MB

July, 2016:  

                     pdfAgape July 2016 Part A2.81 MB

                     pdfAgape July 2016 Part B2.79 MB

June, 2016:  

                   pdfAgape June 2016 Part A4 MB

                    pdfAgape June 2016 Part B.pdf4.03 MB

May, 2016:

                              pdfAgape May 2016 Part A2.29 MB

                              pdfAgape May 2016 Part B3.21 MB

April, 2016:

                             pdfAgape April 2016 Part A3.25 MB

                             pdfAgape April 2016 Part B4.26 MB


 March, 2016:

                   pdfAgape March 2016 Part A.pdf3.97 MB     

                             pdfAgape March 2016 Part B3.38 MB


February, 2016:

                    pdfAgape February 2016 Part A3.54 MB

                              pdfAgape February 2016 Part B3.87 MB


 January, 2016:

                    pdfAgape January 20165.53 MB



                              pdf Agape December 2015 Part A5.16 MB

                    pdf Agape December 2015 Part B5.07 MB

pdfAgape November 20155.59 MB

pdfAgape October 20157.48 MB

pdfAgape September 20158.55 MB

pdfAgape August 20155.68 MB

pdfAgape July 20157.57 MB

pdfAgape June 2015.1 pages 1-16 7.45 MB

pdfAgape June 2015.2 pages 17-264.7 MB

pdfAgape May 20155.7 MB

pdfAgape April 20155.77 MB

pdfAgape March 20159.34 MB

pdfAgape February 20157.5 MB

pdfAgape January 20157.9 MB

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