Our Mission

Our Mission is to be a welcoming community, connecting people to Jesus, growing in faith, and sharing God’s love.

We envision Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church to be:

  • a vibrant, caring Christian fellowship, and an integral member of our civic community, providing an array of opportunities that prepare individuals to follow Christ’s example and serve others’ spiritual and physical needs while spreading the Good News of salvation.
  • a church that takes pride in its Lutheran heritage while still respecting the needs of new brothers and sisters in Christ – a church that praises and glorifies God in an atmosphere that welcomes tradition, accommodates change, and affirms God’s sacrificial love for all.
  • a congregation of varied personalities and backgrounds who seeks to know and do God’s will; who grow in Christian love for each other; and who eagerly sow the seed of the Gospel in the hearts and minds of others as God supplies them with the opportunity.



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