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Why Baptism is Important

As Pastor Paul Lutter in "The Challenge (and Promise) of Baptism" reminds us, before God promises, God threatens the status quo in the waters of baptism. Through it, God also challenges how we relate to God and those around us. Further, in baptism, God even challenges how we see and know ourselves. As it is often practiced and talked about in the church, baptism might not seem all that threatening a way for God to meet and deal with us. Perhaps it’s in the words we use to describe it: Rebirth. Washed. Named. Claimed. Adopted. As helpful as they are, these images have lulled us to the challenge stirring underneath them.


Joined together with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the waters of baptism, we, too, are put to death and raised up with Christ. In and through these waters, God not only challenges but also makes good on the warning to put us to death in order to raise us up to new life. Startled by this possibility, some will want to soften the challenge in a variety of ways.


Emerging from the waters of baptism, we hear this challenge anew, no longer as a challenge, but as sheer promise. Our lives are not our own. We are Christ’s own, and Christ is ours. Nothing--not one thing--is going to sever us from Christ, whose death and resurrection is our “forgiveness, life and salvation,” as Luther writes.


Baptisms at Zion

Lutherans believe that Baptism is a way in which God’s amazing love for the world embraces us, one by one, and connects us in the family of faith, the Church.  We are part of the majority of Christian communities who baptize young children as their parents and other loved ones present them in faith. Zion’s pastor is also delighted to baptize older children and adults as they confess faith in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. At whatever age an individual is baptized, God’s gift in baptism is lived out each day of our lives as we follow Jesus as his disciple.


Baptisms are generally scheduled during worship so that the community of faith can welcome our new brother or sister into the Church family. We commit to helping the newly baptized grow in faith, in partnership with parents and sponsors. Please read the Guidelines for Baptism document, then print the Baptism Form, fill it in and drop it off at church and we will set up an appointment to discuss baptism in person. 


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